Frequently Asked Questions
Managing Bed-wetting

Bed-wetting is a common occurrence in preschool age children. Fourty percent of 3 year olds wet the bed and many children still have trouble staying dry at night by the time they reach kindergarten. Most children out grow their bed-wetting as they mature, but this can be a frustrating thing for parents to deal with in the meantime. Be patient!

  • Have your child use the bathroom right before bed
  • Limit the amount of fluids your child has between dinner and bed time
  • Wake your child before you go to bed and have them get up on their own and go to the bathroom
  • Let your child help change the sheet when they have an accident
  • Put a rubber or plastic mattress cover on the bed to prevent soiling
  • Be supportive! Be understanding of the fact that this can be embarassing for your child. Discourage siblings from teasing them about this and be understanding of the fact that they may be uncomfortable with spending the night away from home
  • Never discipline your child for wetting the bed, this is not something they can control. Instead, reward your child for dry nights. Sticker charts work well and allow the child to see their progress over time.

For more information visit the AAP website. Call your provider if your child is experiencing burning with urination, blood in the urine, increased frequency, or other concerning symptoms.