Frequently Asked Questions
Tennessee's Child Restraint Laws

General Guidelines for Positioning and Securing Child Safety Seats:

  • Dress the child in clothing that allows access between the legs.

  • The child's back/bottom should be flat against the seat.

  • An infant seat should be at a semi-reclined 45-degree angle.

  • No more than 1 adult-size finger should fit between the harness straps and the infants collarbone.

  • The harness clip should be level with the armpits.

  • Never use a child safety seat in the front with an airbag that has not been turned off.

  • Certified technicians are available to inspect your seat and assist with installation. Call 1-866-SEAT-CHECK or visit

  • Child passenger safety seat laws for the state of Tennessee according to age and weight 

Safety Tips for Infants:

  • Never leave an infant unattended
  • Infants should not be in the seat for an extended period of time
  • Periodically reassess the infant's head and neck to make sure it is in a midline position
  • Do not hang toys from the carrying handle
  • Blanket rolls can be placed on either side of the infant's head for support
  • Generally, the carrying handle should be in the down position when traveling